Do You Watch Teen Wolf, Too?

I’m obviously about to crumble a few bricks and reveal to you some depth of my nerdy-ness. I can’t help but enjoy watching this reboot of the classic high school movie staring my favorite 80’s star, Michael J Fox.


Of course I find parts of it juvenile, but that can’t really be helped seeing as the show is in a high school setting. It also doesn’t help that the people at MTV are doing an awesome job with the music for this show. I mean that’s what you should expect when the station was founded on music! What is great is that MTV provides a full track list for many of it’s shows, Teen Wolf included, at They even go so far as to offer a few free downloads, which I’ve taken advantage of, and you should as well.

For one, I discovered this quirky song by the British duo Rizzle Kicks in one of the episodes. In the previous season, I was excited to hear a song I had discovered via working as the Music Director for my college radio station. 'Just A Little Bit' by the Kids of 88 is a great pop diddly that really gets your feet bouncing. Just as well, as one of the most recent episodes was coming to an end, Mikky Ekko started crooning this beautiful song.

Check out a few other tracks I’ve discovered through a TV station slowly working back to it’s roots:

Originally posted: 7/30/12
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